Jack's Trunk 2

A Unified launcher that combines every Jackbox Party Pack game into one window with access to launch games directly!

Free for everyone!
Windows & Linux! You must own the games and they must be installed for the launcher to function.

Access to every installed game in one spot.

No more looking up online which Party Pack has which game you want, now you can see the full list all at one time!
Also supports translation into any language to help everyone use the Application.

Filter the Games

Need something specific for your current group? Filter the games down to what you need!

Keep your most used together

Right-Click click any game to add it to your favorites for a variety of Party Pack minigames on one page.
You could also select Hide from the right-click menu to hide a game from showing in the list.


See what's most played among other Jack's Trunk Users to help you pick!
Or just use Random and let the App pick for you.

Skip those intro videos

Get into your games faster by disabling the introduction videos for all Jackbox Games.
That saved time really adds up!

What's new Since Jack's Trunk 1?

Jack's Trunk 2 is a complete rewrite from scratch. Moving from .NET C# to Godot!
Here's whats been added from the rewrite:

  • Dark UI
  • Partial Controller Support (Only Tested with Xbox 360/One Controllers) (Some screens don't work with gamepad.. yet)
  • Resizable Interface (No more magnifying glass required for 4K Users!)
  • Game Filters
  • Hide Games from Showing up
  • Hide All Unowned Games for a Cleaner list
  • Linux Support
  • Local Web Server (Coming Soon)

How to get it

You can find the download down below.

Remember, this software is free to use and not affiliated with "Jackbox Games".
If you have issues please contact me at any of the social's listed below and not Jackbox Games.

Current Version: 2.3.1

  • Jackbox Party Pack 10 Support
  • Linux (SteamDeck) Support
  • Now Boots Directly Into Minigame Instead of Needing to Press Enter on Launch
  • Fixed Some Games That Wouldn't Launch

- The Full package is the entire application, grab this if you don't have Jack's Trunk 2 yet.
- The Patch package is just files updated since the last release. Grab this if you already have Jack's Trunk 2.
You can extract the Patch into your existing Jack's Trunk folder and overwrite any files.

⚠️ If you grab the Full package and extract it over your existing copy, you will lose your Favorites / Hidden games list.


Below are some frequently asked questions:

Q: Is this safe?

Yes, this program requires access to wherever your games are installed so depending on the location, it could require Admin privileges. It does nothing outside of its own folder and the Games folders. It will modify your game files but that's just for direct game launching and Intro Skipping. Nothing malicious is programmed into this software, I just want to help those out who have multiple Packs and want some organization.
Scan Results: Current Release

Q: Do I need to own the games for this to work?

Yes, you must own the games and they can be installed through either Steam or Epic Games clients. They must also be fully up-to-date for my patches to work.

Q: What do you log with Anonymous Usage Statistics?

When you add or remove a game from your favorites, a request is sent of that games name. When you launch a game, a request is sent of what game you just started playing. The only records I collect are "Game Name, Started Count, Favorite Count". No IP's, No Location, No OS Info. It's all publicly available here: https://jackstrunk.com/stats and at the bottom of that page you can find a link to see the raw data instead of graphs.

Q: What happened to being able to mod the graphics?

The modding process is simpler than ever! Download the Image Pack, then in Jack's Trunk go to Settings and click "Open Images Folder". Extract the Image Pack there and edit whatever you like.

Q: Will you bring this to Linux/Steamdeck or Mac?

As of v2.3.0, Linux/Steamdeck is now supported! Mac is still TBD.

Q: Will you add support for the Old YDKJ Games?

Those games are vastly different to the other Jackbox games and will not be included. Mainly they don't use jackbox.tv, they only support up to three players and some of them aren't compatible with Windows 10/11. There's pretty much no reason to boot these up on a typical game night over current alternatives.

Q: Will you Open Source this?

I am not currently open sourcing Jack's Trunk.

Q: My Games/Steam Freeze/Crash on Launch?

This issue seems to go away if you disable Steam Cloud Saves AND disable Steam Overlay for each of your Jackbox Games.

Q: It's saying my game files are broken/missing?

In certain very specific cases your game might end up in an unusable state. This can easily be fixed by running the "Verify File Integrity" for the Steam versions.
For other platforms, you may need to do a full re-download of the game.

Q: Party Pack launches directly into a minigame when opening from Steam?

If you do not use the "Restore Files On Exit" setting in the Launcher, then the Party Pack will be left in the same state as last patched from the Launcher.

Q: It launches my game to a black screen / The Game closes immediately?

Check that you are using the Official games and not "Cracked"/"Pirated" versions. The illegitimate copies could have modified the files necessary for Jack's Trunk to launch directly into the game or be an older version, so my patches conflict with theirs and stops the game from running as mine require the newest Retail Releases.

    If you do not legally own the games, I will not provide support.